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New Webinar: Supporting Your Anxious Child

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) and Parents for Children’s Mental Health are proud to announce the Parenting Essentials webinar, Supporting Your Anxious Child. This webinar is open to any parents and caregivers interested in learning more about supporting kids in coping with their intense emotions.

About the Webinar

Need more tips on how to support your worried child? This webinar will offer opportunities to learn and practice strategies that help understand, validate, co-regulate, and calm worries and anxiety.

Join us to explore the different ways that parents and caregivers can offer help and guidance in helping children and youth cope with different forms of worries.

Presented by: Lisa Bechtel, Kathleen Mak-Fan, Lisa Mulvihill, Anna Polotskaia, WRDSB, Psychological Services.

Where: Zoom Meeting (link will be sent after registration)

When: November 26, 2020 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

How do I register? Sign up for the limited registration by sending your email address to

You will receive a handout and a feedback form after the webinar.

Come and join us!

Kids in Crisis Town Hall

The Kids in Crisis Town Hall was recently hosted by leaders and experts in children’s health, including child and youth mental health, from across Ontario. We heard from parents whose children have been deeply affected by the impacts of the pandemic, including loss of key services, postponed medical appointments, and loss of supports.

If you missed the Kids in Crisis Town Hall, listen to a recording here.

Keep the conversation going! Share your stories and experiences in social media using the hashtags #kidsincrisis #onpoli

Back to School Mental Health Kit

Understanding that parents’ stress can also contribute to children’s stress, we are here to support parents and families as much as we can in the transition back to school.

We have prepared a Back-to-School Mental Health Kit with resources and tips to support families during the back to school transition and help tackle concerns regarding their child's mental health.

Our Back-to-School Mental Health Kit contains various resources and tips to help families navigate these uncertain times.

Look for tips, resources, and information to help moms, dads, and caregivers

Look for these tips and resources to help your child prepare for the start of the school year