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From The Inside

A unique and innovative interactive workshop that provides participants with an experiential understanding of what it might be like to be a student with a mental health challenge.

  • From The Inside has been designed to increase the capacity of understanding for the struggles and challenges that these children and youth face daily.
  • From The Inside utilizes simulations to create a real view of the Invisible Disability bringing to life the serious challenges our children and youth face
  • From The Inside is a must for all who work with children, youth, and their families dealing with mental illness

What previous participants have had to say:

"I have been a Spec Ed teacher for 20 years and was shocked at the impact of this workshop - it has changed the way I think"

"This workshop is a must - if everyone attended there would be no more stigma"

"Excellent 'real life experience' that opened my eyes to a serious illness that does not get enough attention!"

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