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From The Inside - A Look at the Invisible Disability

From The Inside Workshop is a unique and innovative interactive workshop that brings to life the challenges children and youth face when dealing with mental illness. Its simulations create an experiential setting where participants are given a unique view of the otherwise "Invisible Disability".

From the Inside©  is a unique and innovative approach to reveal the challenges that 1 in 5  Ontario youth face each and every day.  Current estimates suggest that up to 25% of Ontario youth (or 450,000 to 750,000 children) are currently suffering from a mental health disorder.  Of these, it is estimated that only 1 in 6 are receiving any treatment, although the actual figure could be as high as 1 in 8, which translates into more than 656,000 Ontario children suffering from mental health disorders and not receiving treatment for their illness.

From the Inside©  is designed to raise awareness, and increase capacity to respond to the unique issues faced by individuals who care for or who are affected by mental health disorders.  Workshop participants will be exposed to problem solving skills and a unique perspective which will develop an increased capacity to support co-workers, students, community members, employees, volunteers, friends, family, and children who until now suffered in silence and isolation.

Through an innovative approach, From the Inside©  will provide experiential simulations for participants which give a real-life approach to understanding  some of the struggles faced by those affected with mental health disorders.  Participants will be involved in a series of real-time exercises involving sensory and external factors which will demonstrate how these impact concentration, productivity, and socialization for those living with a mental illness, providing concrete examples to understand how the symptoms of mental illness can influence an individual’s life.  Participants will leave the workshop with an increased capacity and awareness of the prevalence , symptoms, and difficulties faced by Ontario children, youth, and their families struggling with mental illness.  

In follow up, participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on the impact of the simulated experiences.  Follow up materials will be reviewed and discussed, expanding on the insights gained from the lessons.  Participants will then explore problem solving skills, and examine a range of possible strategies to assist children, youth, and families. The uniqueness of this workshop allows participants to then translate their newly gained understanding into the programming and/or accommodations required in their particular field. 

What past participants have had to say about From The Inside

Some comments about the impact of participating in the From The Inside Workshop:

"I have been a Spec Ed teacher for over 20 years and felt I had an excellent handle on how to assist all types of children with different needs, this workshop astounded me and definitely made an impact on how I will continue to work with children - wow, I certainly did not expect this workshop to make such a different in the way I think and will react"

"This workshop is a must - if everyone attended there would not be anymore stigma"

"Truly an excellent workshop! Powerful simulations!"

"Excellent 'real life' experience that opened my eyes about a serious illness that does not get enough attention - I would recommend this workshop to anyone!"

To learn more about the workshop and how to book a presentation please email: - From the Inside Workshop

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