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Parents for Children's Mental Health is asking you to contribute to creating a climate of public opinion to create the political will to invest in children and youth mental health services.

In the last 16 years, our services have only received 2 budget increases, equalling 8% while the cost of living has increased by 39%. 

Children's Mental Health services are NOT funded through the Ministry of Health, this Ministry has received annual cost of living increases.  Children's Mental Health has not.  Both Ministries required to provide health services to the children and youth of the Province, only one Ministry being supported with the necessary resources to do so.

Suicide remains the leading cause of non-accidental death among our children and youth, claiming the lives of children and youth more than any other single illness, yet no resources provided to prevent these tragic deaths.  ALL children have the right to fair and equitable treatment and the foundation to be all they can be.  Without the government committing to invest in our children, suicide rates will continue to rise.  Without the government committing to invest in our children, our communities will continue to suffer.  Without the government committing to invest in our children, children, youth, and their families will continue to crumble under the burden and devastating effects these illnesses cause.

Without you committing to join to raise the voices of our children, they will continue to suffer in isolation, under the discrimination and stigma.  Without you committing to join to raise the voices of our children, the costs of not investing in our children will continue to be placed on your shoulders.  It is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.  Our children are our future, they deserve better, we all deserve better.

Until now, children's mental health has not been a priority among our legislatures, citing the lack of resources available to adequately fund services, demanding that agencies already asked to provide more with less be creative to work with their limited budgets, translating into cut staff, services, and available treatment for our children.  Now is the time we join and show our legislatures that this is not good enough, that we are speaking for our children, and demanding they be accountable to them and their future. 

Please commit to one of the many ways you can contribute, you can commit to ensuring the future of all children and youth in Ontario has potential, and will benefit us all. 

Right now, choose one of these various activities, events, or ways to contribute.  Let's lead by example and show Government the time is now, and no longer will it be acceptable to not treat all children, youth, and their families with the respect, dignity, and equity they deserve.

Ways to show your support family is coming through this with the support of PCMH and its members. I have drawn much of my strength from posts I read on this page every day. … Member, PCMH