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London - HOPE/Vanier Children's Centre

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C. Bonnie Montminy
P: (519) 433-3101, ext. 179
M: Project HOPE

Vanier Children’s Services
871 Trafalgar Street
London, Ontario  N5Z 1E6


Project HOPE is a peer to peer support and mentoring programming run for parents, by parents.  HOPE stands for Helping Other Parents Excel, and our goal is to empower those who are raising children facing emotional and behavioural challenges.   We believe that parents have unique insights and valuable experiences that complement the expertise of professionals.  HOPE works to empower parents and strengthen families through education, one to one mentoring, information sharing and advocacy on issues related to children’s mental health.  To get help or for more information, visit HOPE on the Vanier website


Having a child with a mental health disorder can be confusing and overwhelming.  As parents, we need information so that we can make decisions that are best for our child.  Emotional support from someone who has been there can also be very helpful.

The causes of these problems vary from child to child.

Research-based knowledge suggests that biological, social, psychological and environmental factors are all important.

A wide range of therapeutic, educational, and social services are essential to address the need of these children.


Family is all-inclusive.  Families can be from all incomes, education, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.  They can be single parent or two parent families.  They can be birth parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents ~~~ they all need help, they all need support, and they all need tools to cope.

Our Goals—To Educate, Empower, Support

To advance the unique needs of children with mental health diagnoses and their families, to dissolve the stigma attached to children’s mental illness, to encourage and recommend research, prevention, early intervention, family support, and family-centred and family-driven care, to work with mental health agencies and government to ensure that children and their families with these unique needs and struggles have access to community based services to help them reach their full potential.



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