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Summer is here! So the calendar says - not sure about the weather though!  We have had a busy fall and are looking forward to laying some strong ground over the summer months that will help launch some of our initiatives this coming fall.  We are looking forward to working with all of you - members of long-standing, and new members.  Please check out our New Initiatives sections and see if there is a way you would like to become more involved with PCMH, because sometimes it really does take a thousand voices to tell a story!





Transformation - have you heard the chatter about it?

There is much talk right now about "transformation" in the child and youth mental health sector.  But what does it all mean? What differences will it make to "us" - the families, and our children/youth? There are a lot of questions, some there may be answers too already, and some the answers are perhaps not yet complete.  But this is good news ~ why? ~ because this means there is still an opportunity for us to be able to influence change and ensure the transformation is one that meaningful to families, children and youth.  As always, informing ourselves of the work of transformation will be very important in the months to come, and there will be opportunities for families to consult on the proposed changes, and ways to meaningfully transform the system.....

Update on Transformation  - Moving on Mental Health: A system that makes sense for children and youth.

"Moving on Mental Health" is the Ministry of Child and Youth Services' report outlining the plan to reform the child and youth mental health sector so that it is a "system that makes sense for children and youth".

Some excerpts from the document include: 

  • " Parents have consistently reported that finding the right services and support is confusing."
  • " Teachers, family doctors and others who help children also find our system challenging, and this prevents young people from getting the help they need."
  • "This is a problem we are determined to fix.
    We envision a very different experience for Ontario's young people and their families who seek treatments and support for their mental health problems."

Through Open Minds, Healthy Minds; Ontario's Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, the government's immediate priorities are: to deliver more services and to help children and youth get the services they need faster. Over the next three years, the government is building on its investments, which provide more direct services in communities, and fundamentally changing the system itself. This will transform the experience of children, youth and families by creating the best service system to support children and youth with mental health needs and make the most of our investments now – and in the future. The result will be a child and youth mental health system that makes sense to families, and is coherent to teachers, doctors and all those who work with families to find help.
Our action plan, Moving on Mental Health: A system that makes sense for children and youth, will get us there.

Specifically, the Moving On Mental Health action plan will transform the experience of families seeking help by: Creating and Supporting Pathways to Care, Defining Core Services, Establishing Community Lead Agencies, Creating a new funding model, and Building a legislative and regulatory framework.
Cynthia Abel, Project Director, System Transition Team, recently commented "We realize to do this right, we need to do it together with the families, children and youth who use the services, as well as the agencies who provide the services.  We are pleased to be working with a Parent and Youth Advisory Panel on System Change to help guide us in the work, but also recognize that we must continue to reach out to families across the Province.  Parents for Children's Mental Health is one of the ways we hope to continue to engage families throughout this process." 

For more information about the action plan -

The Moving on Mental Health team plans to engage families across the province about their perspectives and input, and will be doing this in a number of different ways throughout the coming months, and years. 
If you are interested in participating in any of the opportunities that arise for consultation with families and youth, please send your information to so you can be added to the database of families that are available for different consultation opportunities.  Be part of building a system that makes sense to you.


Are you following us on Twitter yet?  Make sure you do as we now feature a regular Information and Update segment - "PCMH Family Forum".  A great way to get some relevant information or resources, or just things of interest without having to mine for hours on the web.  Follow us @PCMHOntario and look for the next "Family Forum".


Children's Mental Health Ontario - Conference -

Save the Date:  November 18th/19th, 2013




"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Margaret Mead"


Some New Initaitives:

Grant from Dofasco allows PCMH to expand the work with the video "Opening Up".  Check out the video, a message to educators from families, about child and youth mental health disorders, and mental illness, and a look at the journey of families.  With the support of Dofasco, we are pleased to say that we are working this summer to expand the workshop and material, and develop and conduct a train the presenters workshop.  In the fall, we plan to launch the workshop to schools across the Province - and we need family members who want to participate either as contributors to the project and/or as trainers in your community.  More information will follow on how to sign up for the Train the Presenters workshops.  If you would like to become involved with this great initiative please contact: and we will add you to our database of families participating. 


Family Engagement In Halton.  With the support of a Trillium grant, and in partnership with the Halton Community, PCMH is part of a collaborative that is focusing on bringing meaningful family engagement to Halton, and building a model of community engagement for families that can be duplicated across the Province.  There will be many opportunities for Halton families to be involved with this great initiative in a variety of ways, depending on where your needs and interests lie.  Information sessions are being planned, as well as making connections with families who want to be involved with planning, and working on the project.  Our very own PCMH Leader, Darlene Wierski-Devoe is the Family Engagement Co-ordinator, and is working out of the ROCK offices in Burlington.  If you would like more information, or want to become involved please contact and be part of this ground-breaking initiative!



Peace of Mind Golf Tournament


Sunday, August 18th, 2013

London, Charity Golf Tournament with the proceeds to support PCMH.

Are you from the London area? How about getting a PCMH team together and going for a day of fun, networking, and support of PCMH and this amazing charity golf tournament team!

For more information, to register, sponsor, or donate please visit their website: Peace of Mind Charity Golf Tournament


Just like Spring Flowers - New PCMH Chapters are growing!

Coming Soon:

Chapters in Oakville, Simcoe, Midland, London,  and Haliburton.

Check out their pages for contact information and how to become involved and get connected!  The leaders are looking forward to connecting with you!


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