Support Groups

Our Chapters offer peer to peer support groups across the Province

Become a Chapter Leader

PCMH is recruiting Chapter Leaders to provide local peer to peer support

Response to Government

PCMH is very concerned about the decision that will eliminate a voice for our most vulnerable children

Parents for Children's Mental Health believes children, youth, and their families suffering from mental health challenges deserve extreme respect and assurance. 

We are dedicated to improving the lives of these families.


Our Mission:

To improve the lives of families raising children and youth with mental health disorders/illness by building the capacity of families to advocate for and access child and youth mental health services that are family-centred and seamlessly delivered.

Our Vision:

That every child, youth, and family has the right to achieve mental wellness, to be supported, and to be treated with equity and respect.




Our Pillars:

Support. Educate. Empower.

Support for families facing the challenges of child and youth mental health disorders/illness.  We provide timely, accurate, concrete and appropriate information.  We provide compassionate guidance.  We offer peer to peer support.

Education by promoting public understanding of children and youth mental health disorders/illness and respect for families who are facing the unique challenges of raising and caring for children and youth with mental health disorders/illnesses.

Empower by building strong support groups, networks, and partnerships to inform, educate, and mobilize families to raise their voice in public and with government, to advocate for child and youth mental health services that are family-centred and seamlessly delivered.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am at the fact that PCMH is extending it's communication to the web. The increases to the website and the monthly Web Newsletter are helping … Member, Windsor