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Purpose of a Chapter

The purpose of Chapters within Parents for Children's Mental Health is to provide a local structure to local support within an area of the province of Ontario.  This allows for a focus on the strengths and challenges within that particular community, as well as a Chapter Leader who can be knowledgeable on the local systems, services and supports.

Chapters also provide the structure to implement and fulfill the mission, vision and pillars of the organization.  As well, it allows PCMH Provincial to have a better understanding of the issues and challenges that exist at the grassroots level.

The key activity of a Chapter will be the provision of peer to peer support services to families of the local community.

Chapter Leader Roles & Responsibilities
Direct Support:  Chapter Leaders are responsible for the functioning and the execution of the local Peer Support offered.  For many Chapters, this is a regularly facilitated Support Group.  It is crucial that the Chapter be available for families to provide support.  Chapters may operate with a number of volunteers supporting the functioning of the Chapter.

Chapter Leaders are also responsible for providing the opportunity for family education.  For some Chapters, a regular support group will include a periodic guest speaker to provide an educational opportunity, whereas others will provide an education series that includes regular monthly opportunities for learning. 

Chapter Development & Leadership:  Chapter Leaders should be prepared to assist in the recruiting and orientation of new local volunteers to help support the local Chapters and to volunteer with the PCMH Organization.

Other Responsibilities:  Additional responsibilities of the Chapter Leader include, submitting updates to the website when necessary, attending organization training and meetings when necessary, regular communication with PCMH Provincial, and continually upholding the Mandate and Mission Statement of PCMH.

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