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April 2014

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  • Winter Poll
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  • GTA Support Group Opening in May
  • Of Note: Information from the Ontario Coalition for Child and Youth Mental Health Summit

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Spring has finally sprung! After a long and dreary winter it is good to feel the sun and start to see some greenery.  We had many families commenting to us this winter that the weather was having noticeable effects on their loved ones with mental health challenges.  Our poll for this newsletter - did you notice adverse effects on mental wellness in your family during this winter season?


Did this winter have adverse effects on the mental wellness of your family or members of your family?




The "Made in Ontario model of Family Support Provision" is featured this month in CAMH's EENet!  Featured as a "promising practice" the article discusses the development of the model as well as the exciting data we started to see emerging from it!  We are excited about this feature and the further recognition that family voice and expertise are indeed an integral part of creating a system that makes sense to families, children, and youth.  To view the article in its entirety you can visit:

The EENet online link


Click on the file below to view in PDF format. 

Document Title Type  
Family Navigators harness a body of expertise untapped in Ontario
CAMH EENet features the "Made in Ontario Model of Family Support Provision" as a Promising Practice in Child and Youth Mental Health services.
pdf Family Navigators harness a body of expertise untapped in Ontario



Check out the latest Resource available on our Oakville Chapter Page

This resource was developed by our Oakville PCMH Chapter Leaders to provide family to family tips and resources around child and youth anxiety.  It includes some books and online resources that families have found helpful both for themselves and their children.  Visit our Oakville Chapter page to have a look!

Do you have resources that have helped you along your journey that you think other families could benefit from?  Share them with us so they too can be featured on our website and our social media sites as well.

You can send your valuable family to family resources to SUBJECT LINE: Family to Family Resources.  Lets share the wealth of knowledge we have as families and continue to provide families with relevant knowledge and resource to help them in their journey to wellness. 




GTA Support Group first meeting in May!

We will be starting a new Support Group in the GTA!! Many families have sought peer to peer support in the Toronto area, and we are pleased to say that the first meeting of the GTA support group will be May 21st at the Hincks Dellcrest Centre from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information or to be in touch with the Chapter through our leader Patti please visit the Toronto Chapter Page.  




PCMH attended the Ontario Coalition for Child and Youth Mental Health Summit and boy did we learn alot!  There are so many exciting initiatives and programs taking place in Ontario and Nationally that we found of interest.  Shortly all of the presentations/handouts from this impressive two-day event will be found online. Currently the presentations from the 2012 Summit are online, and check back as the presentations from 2014 will be uploaded soon, and they are certainly worth the wait and the review!

For a fun start though - this video was shown to us during a keynote presentation by Jan Sanderson, Deputy Minister of Child and Youth Opportunities in Manitoba, and also CEO of Healthy Child Manitoba.  It is the cookie monster singing about self-regulation!  Fun video we thought we would share....enjoy




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