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Brantford F.A.S.D. Chapter



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C. Laura and Jenn


 Meeting Information  

When: Second Wednesday of the month (except July, August and December)

Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Woodview, 643 Park Road N. Brantford





Chapter Leader, Laura - Laura is a devoted mother of two boys with FASD. Currently, Laura is a parent representative on the Brant Community FASD Advisory Committee. She has received training from some of the most prevalent FASD experts in the field right now and feels that ongoing training and peer support for caregivers is an essential part of raising her boys. Laura strives to bring FASD awareness to those working with our kids particularly in the education field, and has provided support for various school staff and students to help them further understand the complexity of FASD. Laura has an extensive knowledge of IEPs and the IPRC process. She recognizes that, for her boys, each day brings its own challenges and celebrations. She knows that caregivers dedicate as much time as they possibly can to supporting and advocating for their loved ones and that we often don’t set aside the time we should to take care of ourselves. Having a FASD caregiver support group provides an opportunity for families in the Brant/Brantford area to connect with each other, share our stories and lived experiences, and to work toward building a FASD informed community.

Chapter Leader, Jenn - Jenn is an amazing mother to 2 amazing, busy, pre-teen boys (adopted siblings, one with an FAS diagnosis and one without). She also serves on the Brant Community FASD Advisory Committee. She credits her parenting foundation to the exceptional training she received by some of the leading FAS experts, through Brantford CAS as a previous foster parent.  10 years of fostering opened many doors to adoption, training, experience and support for her FAS journey. Deep involvement in holistic health is also a passion and accredited with the healthy environment in their home. Currently, their family is homeschooling and this allows for a broader, tailored learning experience, travel, sports, and a calmer home. FAS inclusivity And awareness are two of her passions. Co-chairing her local FASD Caregiver Support Group brings a lot of fulfillment and hope. She looks forward to helping build a supportive FASD network in her community



Parents for Children's Mental Health believe that children, youth, and their families suffering from mental health challenges deserve our extreme respect and assurance.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of these families.


WE LINK families to important networks within their communities to ensure they get the care they need and the support of families who can relate and support them.

WE UNDERSTAND the issues around child and youth mental health challenges and the stigma that prevents the work and conversations that need to happen.

WE HELP communities and families access important resources so they can begin their journey of healing.

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the governing body at PCMH. The newsletters are an important source of knowledge and support. I have found that this journey in … Member, St. Thomas