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Welcome everyone! I am hoping this discussion board will be active and helpful for all. My name is Gaby and I have been a member of PCMH since 2003 when the Ombudsman of Ontario became involved with our family and suggested PCMH as a source of support and as a means of learning how to advocate more effectively for my family. Presently I am the Chapter Liaison at PCMH and am also responsible for member communications. On a personal note I have been married for 21 years and am mom to an 18 year old daughter and 17 year old son. We began navigating the children's mental health "non-system" 14 years ago. 14 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with PTSD, 12 years ago she was diagnosed with early onset anorexia, 5 years ago RAD was added to the list after multiple residential treatment placements forced upon us by the Province and 4 years ago came the diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder. At the Ministry Level she is referred to as a "complex multiple needs client". I have found tremendous strength and comfort through meeting like minded families who "get" it and have been empowered to help make a difference in the lives of families who are also raising children with a mental illness. Here you will meet the most courageous and amazing people who are all working together to make Ontario a better place for families like ours. There is no need to ever feel alone someone in the PCMH family is always available to lend a hand, shoulder or ear. I look forward to suggestions on discussion topics so that together we can make a difference for one another and perhaps work towards larger common goals as well.
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