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Follow the journey and goings on at PCMH along with Executive Director, Sarah Cannon, as she blogs about issues we all face, the advocacy/social awareness campaign trail and much more.

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Serendipity definition -a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching for other things.

I have been thinking a lot today about serendipity. I am in St. Thomas as our St. Thomas Chapter has organized an event hosting a presentation by Barbara Coloroso. I also had the pleasure of attending the St. Thomas Chapter Support Group meeting tonight. My day consisted of meeting a wonderful group of people within the community who have rallied behind our leader in organizing and fundraising for this event. Then I had the privilege of sharing stories with another group of wonderful people all travelling along a journey like so many of ours.

Both during the day, and this evening, I found myself feeling fortunate, fortunate that even while we were all talking about some painful issues, and issues that are a challenge both in dealing with and raising awareness about, I had the privilege of meeting such a wonderful group of people. People whom I would never have had the benefit of meeting had my daughter not been diagnosed with a mental illness, had my journey of advocacy not led me to PCMH, and I also found myself glad for the opportunity. Does that make the fact that my daughter has a mental illness a good thing, something that I am glad that has happened to her, to our family, to so many others? Absolutely not! But it does speak to how our life journeys can sometimes be interpreted and perceived and then reacted to and the difference some choices we make can have on our lives. Nothing can be done to go back in time and somehow find whathever it is/was that ultimately lead to my daughter's diagnosis, I have no control over that, what I do have control over is how I choose to handle it and deal with it. What I have found is that while searching for a way to make a difference, while searching for answers and solutions to problems that will ultimately make my daughter's life journey easier I have made fortunate discoveries. The definition is a "talent" for...I don't attribute these fortunate discoveries to any talent of mine, but I do most definitely consider them fortunate discoveries, they are discoveries of friends that I otherwise would not have and who have and will continue to impact upon my heart, they are discoveries of inspiration when I am privileged to hear stories of triumph, resiliency and even stories of tragedy, they are discoveries of new learning, and expanding my mind in ways that I would not have been exposed to without, and without I would almost definitely be less than I am today; most importantly, they are discoveries of hope and faith, and a sense that while "searching for other things" together we are going to perhaps serendipitously make a difference, and improve the journey of so many families, children, and youth who presently suffer.

Add comment 2010-06-09 Sarah Cannon

The quick respose of PCMH to the community is greatly appreciated! There is amazing strength to knowing 'like'others and being able to share our experience.

Posted: Sunday June 13, 2010 06:06 PM

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I am amazed at the people willing to share. Wish had this site when my daughter was lot younger … Member, Facebook