Support Groups

Our Chapters offer peer to peer support groups across the Province

Become a Chapter Leader

PCMH is recruiting Chapter Leaders to provide local peer to peer support

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Support PCMH in providing families with peer to peer support, system navigation, and help to educate and empower.


PCMH Education

PCMH offers a variety of presentations to educators, administrators, SEAC committees, and parent groups.

Our presentations talk about the necessity of involving family in the whole team that must wrap around our children as we prepare them for their futures, and assist them in dealing with the daily challenges they face.

PCMH presentations give the unique perspective of family, and how decisions made directly influence and effect their daily lives and the lives of their children.  We can speak to matters that only families are familiar with, and can provide an insight that is not available anywhere else - the insight that comes with a knowledge unique to families who navigate the systems.

All of our presentations can be customized to meet the needs of the audience, keeping our children and the family message at the core.

For more information or to book a presentation please contact us!

I really appreciated the help last nite.I knew who to call and your talk was very inspiring for the audience. You are changing peoples lives and helping move a tired system into … Marc Roberts, Executive Director, OECYC