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From the Family Perspective

From The Family Perspective:

The Family Journey through Mental Illness/Mental Health Disorders


From the Family Perspective is presented by family members willing to share their stories of hearache, struggle, and hope and success, so that we can help to raise awareness, decrease stigma, and begin to work together collaboratively to provide our children and youth with a strong foundation to become successful members of our communities.

The presentation offers a frank and honest look at what life is like when you support and care for loved ones with mental illness or mental health disorders.  It conveys the message of hope, but also the story of struggle and the often times unspoken secrets of families who are caring for their loved ones.  Through the presentation, PCMH hopes to provide a perspective that is not seen, but very often needed when working collaboratively with families to provide the best supports for their children/youth.  It talks about strategies that have been successful and what made them successful, and provides tools that can be used proactively to build environments that are safe for children and youth with mental health disorders and the families that care for them.  It is an open and honest conversation of what it is like living with those with mental illness, and what families often keep to themselves, and why.

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