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Parents for Children’s Mental Health

The Facts Tell the Story

Quick Facts Regarding Child and Youth Mental Health:

  • It is estimated that over 654,000 children in Ontario suffer from a mental health disorder
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 10 – 19 years, second only to accidental death
  • Only 1 in 5 children are receiving treatment for their disorders
  • The economic cost attributable to untreated mental health disorders in Ontario is $22 billion
  • For every $1 spent on early intervention and treatment of mental illness in children and youth, an estimated $7 will be saved to the Provincial Economy
  • It is estimated that 70% of childhood mental health issues can be solved with early intervention and therapy
  • Average wait time for a child to enter therapy or service is between 6 to 8 months!
  • Children's mental health was identified as a major issue by the Ontario Child Health Study, an epidemiological study of children in Ontario.
  • Serious emotional disturbance affects one in five young people at any given time and it can severely disrupt a person's ability to function socially, academically, and emotionally.*
  • The Canadian Institute of Child Health says in its most recent report that emotional and behavioural problems and early learning difficulties have the greatest impact in lowering life quality and reducing life chances of Canadian children and youth.
    Of children seen by the Children's Aid Society, 62% had some evidence of emotional and mental disturbance.*
  • The Ontario Government Task Force on Strict Discipline identified mental health problems as a prime cause of deviant behaviour.
  • The 2001 Behaviour Survey circulated to school boards/authorities by the Ontario Council for Children with Behavioural Disorders reported that the #1 concern is the increasing rate of psychiatric disorders in children and youth.  Regarding services for students with behavioural difficulties, the main concern is the lack of mental health agency supports.

* Canadian Mental Health Association

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