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Evidence Informed - Family Engagement


Parents for Children's Mental Health and the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health partnered to co-develop an evidence-informed model of Family Engagement in Ontario.  Utilizing the literature, in-depth key informant interviews with family members, service providers, and decision makers across the Province, lead by an Advisory Committee comprised of family members and services providers, a clear implementation model of family engagement was developed.


Meaningful family engagement is experienced on a continuum.

 Family Engagement is about:

  • Partnership (shared decision making and equal power balance between families and professionals)
  • Being consulted and informed (families understand how their participation fits into the overall process


Below are two useful resources to help understand the continuum of family engagement.

  1. Family Engagement Continuum - revised using Roger Hart's Ladder of Participation, this diagram shows the continuum of engagement from disengaging to the most meaningful engagement of partnerships and co-development.
  2. Video - this video excerpt reviews the continuum of engagement, and is taken from the Provincial Training Curriculum on Family Engagement.

Continuum of Engagement

Family Engagement 101 This resource describes key definitions in family engagement and the continuum of family engagement pdf 124.00  kB New Family Engagement 101
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