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Giving to Grow Together Campaign


Thank you to all of our donors for your generous support of our Giving to Grow Campaign.

Parents for Children’s Mental Health which is the only Provincial non profit organization that represents the voice of families raising children and youth with mental illness.  I am proud to say that in the last 10 years amazing strides have been made in the area of child and youth mental health and the promotion and belief in the family voice.  Parents for Children’s Mental Health lives on the backs of family volunteers who give tirelessly of themselves to make a difference in lives of children and youth, to support families who often times have no where else to turn, and who give of themselves when they have nothing left to give to ensuring that other families have a less obstructed journey in achieving wellness for their families than many of us have had to travel.  PCMH is working strongly at taking the family voice to the next level, and ensuring that the organization that supports families has the strong infrastructure required to do so.  All of the proceeds from our Campaign will go directly to support programming and capacity building for families so that we can continue to promote awareness, provide support, and contribute to improving the child and youth mental health system for children and youth in Ontario.

Kathy Short              Brian Donnelly                       Dr. Simon Davidson

Glenys Matthews     Dean Jenkins                           Janice Matthews

Pam Cannon             Bonnie Prentice                       Dr. Lori Chaklin

Purnima Sundar      Betty Lorimer                           Peter/Sue Greco

Dr. Michael Cheng  Judy Chamberlain                   Nancy Walker

Nick Cannon            Lisa/Rob Laughton                 Ross McLeod

Lucia Teixeria          Angie Kays-Burden                 Bethany Georgas

Chris/Rob Thompson                                                Kim Moran

Michael Spiteri         Heather/Bruce Whitehouse   

Brian Jesty                 Flava Zuccarini                      Marg Cox

Suzette Correia          Donna Massel                       Sara Plant

Kathleen Whittaker              Norm/Allison Conquer

Claire/Sylvia Bruno             Petra Pausch            Flora Ennis

Jennifer Matthews              Peter/Lynda Ferguson

Camille Queneville             Sue Korkise-Binder   Margaret McCleod

Give Together So We Can Grow

Become a PCMH Supporter!

There are a number of ways you can help with our Campaign:

1. Give - you can give online, any amount you can afford will help us reach our ultimate goal.  Remember to set up monthly giving online.

2. Direct your United Way Dollars - if you have United Way deductions they can be directed to PCMH as one of the recognized charities.  Ensure your donations are going to an organization that makes a difference in your life.

3. Arrange a local fundraising campaign - PCMH has fundraising ideas, tools, kits, and support if you are willing to undertake any fundraising activity.

4. Let your friends, families, networks know that your organization needs their help so that your voices can be heard and make a difference.  Encourage donations to PCMH.

5. Become a volunteer with PCMH to assist with fundraising goals and efforts.

For more information on any of the above and to become involved with our Giving for Growth Campaign contact us at We look forward to Growing Together.

I am always impressed by your organization and how you get things done. … Rod Potgeiter, Executive Director, FACS, Elgin