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Hamilton Chapter



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C.  Louise, Jenn and Serge


Upcoming Spring/Summer Meetings

July 18 - 6:30-8:00pm
Lynwood Charlton Centre MOUNTAIN SITE 526 Upper Paradise Rd.
“Strengthening Families at the Kitchen Table ” Special Guest: Carrie Stevenson, Youth Wellness Centre

Aug. 15 - 6:00pm-7:30pm
Lynwood Charlton Centre MOUNTAIN SITE 526 Upper Paradise Rd.
“Back to School Transitions” Special Guest:TBD

Meeting Information:

When: Third Thursday of every month.

Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Where:  First Place Hamilton, 350 King St. E., Hamilton

DAD's Support Group

*DAD's Support Group will be offering meetings during the summer.*

The Hamilton PCMH Chapter also offers:

Dads' Support Group - A space for all male-identified caregivers to share their unique experiences and challenges. These meetings are facilitated by Serge, Chapter Volunteer and experienced father (

Additional meetings - Every other month, our group offers additional meetings at other locations around the city. All are welcome to attend.
Support and information by email, phone or text.

Please see the PCMH Meeting Calendar above for contact information and meeting details.

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Louise Murray-Leung - Louise is the proud mom of 4 children, three of whom struggle with various mental health challenges. Her family was involved in children’s mental health services for six years before learning about PCMH and supports it offers around the province.  Louise and her co-leader, Jen Leighton, began the Hamilton Chapter months later with the goal of ensuring that families in Hamilton know that support is available for them right from the beginning of their journey. Louise and Jen share a passion for helping families living with mental health challenges meet each day with hope and optimism. Louise brings over 20 years of grassroots advocacy and support group facilitation to her work with PCMH. Louise has been the family representative on Hamilton’s Lead Agency Planning Team for Moving on Mental Health since the fall of 2014. Louise is currently the Family Engagement Lead for the Lead Agency, Lynwood Charlton Centre. Louise is dedicated to building strong relationships between families, child and youth mental health agencies and community partners in Hamilton. In her personal life, Louise loves to spend time with family, foster Basset hounds (that she ends up keeping), read novels that make her think and ride her bike on hilly country roads.



Jen Leighton - Jen is a loving and proud mom of an effervescent adolescent boy who has had over six mental health diagnoses. Over the years, she has gained many experiences through the mental health system that she has used as learning opportunities for herself and her family. Jen returned to school to pursue her Social Service Worker Diploma and is thrilled to have completed internships with Lynwood Charlton Centre.  Jen and her co-leader, Louise Murray-Leung, share a passion for guiding parents and caregivers and providing support for families with children and youth that live with mental health challenges.  Jen is creative in detail.  She enjoys capturing many aspects of her and her son’s life on camera and adores scrapbooking those memories with great appreciation.  Jen loves to spend time at the family cottage on Lake Erie. Jen has great affection for animals and currently balancing her patience with a new puppy and 4 cats.


Serge Lauzon - Chapter Leader for Dad's Support Group -I am a husband and father of two lovely girls and have two small dogs and a cat. Oldest daughter being 25 and youngest 20 years of age. I have been married for 33 years . I am an air cadet officer and have been working with youth for almost 20 years. We have a daughter who suffers from mental health illness and thus the challenge exists everyday. My wife and I share the responsibilities of caring for our daughter who struggles and if it wasn't for our strong marriage, I don’t know where our daughter would be today. My wife and I have committed to letting people know that there is help out there, but the navigation in getting this help is not easy. We have been in the system for many years and have had to overcome some hurdles. So it is with great anticipation that we look forward to having a voice in helping improve the child and youth mental health system and our focus is primarily the transition stages for young adults. Our goal would be to see a system where the voices of parents would have an impact on ease of getting services and reduction of wait times.



Parents for Children's Mental Health believe that children, youth, and their families suffering from mental health challenges deserve our extreme respect and assurance.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of these families.

WE LINK families to important networks within their communities to ensure they get the care they need and the support of families who can relate and support them.

WE UNDERSTAND the issues around child and youth mental health challenges and the stigma that prevents the work and conversations that need to happen.

WE HELP communities and families access important resources so they can begin their journey of healing.

What is exciting to me as a parent is the huge momentum that PCMH has developed in a very short time. Building about the bedrock of previous successes PCMH is now reaching out to … Member, London