Support Groups

Our Chapters offer peer to peer support groups across the Province

Become a Chapter Leader

PCMH is recruiting Chapter Leaders to provide local peer to peer support

Family Engagement

Introducing Family Engagement Specialists to support FE across Ontario

Share Your Story

Healthy Minds Canada is continuing to develop their online tool for families, to help decrease self-stigma, and increase support.  PCMH proudly supports this development, and hopes that our families will gain support, as well as contribute to offering support and their stories.

Sharing our stories with each other is a way to help those feelings of isolation, to allow others to know they are not alone, and to begin to normalize what we all experience.

PCMH is asking you, our membership, to contribute your story......join this network of families who are new to these challenges know they are not alone, and know that it does get better, and we can make a difference.

Healthy Minds Canada Poster

THE ASK.....

 1. Visit

2. Share your story submit to

 3.  Commend yourself for making a difference and being part of a network of support!


Would you like a template or guideline to follow?  Below are some forms and templates that you can use to help you craft your story.



I thank you in so many ways for allowing me to be part of the greatness that is and with growth of PCMH......... and its professional aquiantances; for the awesomeness that is … Member, Niagara,