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We hope you enjoy this first edition of our new and improved e-newsletter....feel free to share with your networks and friends and family to help further unite the voice of families raising children and youth with mental illness.

The goals of Parents for Children's Mental Health are to Educate, Empower, and Support.  Each of our newsletters will feature the activities and initiatives of PCMH in each of these areas. 

Our goal is to provide you with the latest updates from PCMH as well as to link you with other interesting events, resources, and information pertaining to the Child and Youth Mental Health efforts in Ontario.



Some great opportunities for families in learning opportunities coming up. 

Registration is still open for the PCMH Fall Summit.  This year's Summit has been designed with the input from our membership and what they felt they needed to continue to be powerful advocates for their children and youth as well as the issues surrounding child and youth mental health.  As well as providing many great learning opportunities, the Summit offers a chance for fellowship, and networing.  Being hosted at the beautiful Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre in London, Ontario, guests are pampered and spoiled from the time they enter the grounds until the time the leave.  Learn more and register....

September 30, 2012 - Healthy Minds Canada Symposia.  A Free Symposia with FREE childcare!  Opportunities like this do not happen often for families. PCMH Executive Director, Sarah Cannon, will be presenting at the Toronto Symposia at Sick Kids Hospital, as well as presentations by Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education: Bringing Attention to Inattention in the Classroom; and, Cynthia Weaver, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences: Bringing Mental Health Literacy into the Classroom.  Other symposia are also being held throughout the Province.  For a full listing click here. If you are a PCMH member and attending this symposia, we will cover the cost of your parking.  Please let us know if you are attending.....

Children's Mental Health Ontario 40th Annual Conference! PCMH is offering sponsorship for attendance at this conference for PCMH members.  To apply for sponsorship click here.

Coalition for Child and Youth Mental Health, Summit 2012. PCMH offering sponsorship for attendance to the Summit for PCMH members.  To apply for sponsorship click here.


"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Margaret Mead"

Congratulations to all our students for back to school!  We know this is a stressful time for many and hope that all is going well.  Check our Facebook page for some great back to school resources and information.

Government and Policy Meetings:

This week PCMH will meet with Minister Hoskins, Minister of Child and Youth Services.  On the agenda for conversation are the Family Support Provider Program and future funding potential; System Transformation - What that means to families; and the importance of Family Engagement at all levels of planning and implementation.



New Support Groups!

We welcome Milton to our Family of Support Groups

New Listings and group information for Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo.

Family Support Provider Program

Our pilot is up and running in both York Region and Simcoe County with families registered in the pilot!  For more information about this pilot PCMH is presenting at both the CMHO Conference, and the Summit on Child and Youth Mental Health - check us out at those events!

Healthy Minds Canada Anti-Stigma Tool:

Join this Network of Support and share your story.  Healthy Minds Canada is developing an online anti-stigma tool for families and they need our help.  Participate in this great initiative and expand the network of support for you and many others.  Learn more....

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