Support Groups

Our Chapters offer peer to peer support groups across the Province

Using the Evidence

Launching our evidence-informed model of Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Introducing Family Engagement Specialists to support FE across Ontario

PCMH Membership Benefits


Our agency membership program has been designed to strengthen the partnership between families and agencies in providing support and care for children and youth who deal with the often debilitating effects of child and youth mental health challenges.  Families are at the core of PCMH’s mandate as we work to improve the lives of these families. Membership to PCMH supports the work of supporting the families you serve.

  • Peer Support Group programs
  • Regular newsletters to families and members 
  • Ongoing education opportunities for families

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and others from your agency to provide further information on the work of PCMH in improving the lives of families suffering with child and youth mental health challenges.  PCMH is dedicated to building new partnerships and strengthening existing ones. family is coming through this with the support of PCMH and its members. I have drawn much of my strength from posts I read on this page every day. … Member, PCMH