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Opening Up

Opening Up is a presentation based on the video that provides us a window into the journey of families struggling and coping with the unique challenges of raising children and youth with mental health disorders and mental illness.  Designed for those in education, Opening Up shares with us the family perspective.

A true partnership, this video was collaboratively produced by Parents for Children's Mental Health, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, and the School-Based Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consortium, and was funded through the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Student Leadership Initiative Hamilton.


It is important to review the User’s Guide prior to presentation of the Opening Up Video.  The video is designed to reach both hearts and minds, and it is important to the integrity of the message of the video as well as the context to present the video utilizing the parameters of this User’s Guide.  The User’s Guide provides outlines for a variety of audiences as well as presentation styles.


Opening Up - User's Guide

The Opening Up User's Guide can be downloaded, viewed, and printed by clicking the file below.


For more information or to book an Opening Up presentation or workshop:


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