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PCMH is very concerned about the decision that will eliminate a voice for our most vulnerable children

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C. Shaylene or Maria


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*Monthly Support Meetings expected to start soon!*

In the meantime, if you would like to connect with Maria or Shaylene for support or further information please contact her via the above email address.

Chapter Leader- Shaylene

Shaylene is a working Mom to three daughters, one of whom has a dual diagnosis including mental health.  She has advocated and navigated within the school system as well as the mental health system for many years.  Her new commitment as a co-chapter lead is to support and advocate for families during their journey.  Her goal is to provide peer support to parents within Peterborough and the surrounding area, helping connect them to services within the community.  She firmly believes it takes a collaborative team to support the mental health needs of children and their families. 

Chapter Leader- Maria

Maria Gomez is a professional Project Manager and community engagement specialist in the healthcare sector; leading and participating in discussions with senior stakeholders across Canada in the participating agencies and government to improve shared services, respond to issues, and maintain an understanding of evolving needs in the healthcare sector impacting program and service requirements and operations.

Maria is a mother of four girls and has had first hand experience working with her daughter struggle with mental health concerns and the lack of resources – excessive wait periods for appropriate programs; inappropriate program referrals; derogatory feedback to the needs of the household; and lack of peer and community support.

She uses this lived experience to propel her forward to find solutions and effect change in the field of Child and Youth Mental Health Services as a PCMH chapter lead for the Peterborough and County.

Maria has a special interest in unique challenges and biased stigma against young parents, indigenous parents, LGBQTB parents, and ethnic minority parents. She is currently working on several projects to unveil trending racial profiling and stigma against parents who do not conform to the communities identified norm.

Maria is a skilled project manager and coordinator, who also facilitates a dancing group in indigenous Polynesian art ranging from elementary to adults of all ages to promote health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Maria’s experience as a parent and working 15 years in the field of project management and community engagement in healthcare puts her in a unique role to support families and their unique journeys.

Parents for Children's Mental Health believe that children, youth, and their families suffering from mental health challenges deserve our extreme respect and assurance.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of these families.


WE LINK families to important networks within their communities to ensure they get the care they need and the support of families who can relate and support them.

WE UNDERSTAND the issues around child and youth mental health challenges and the stigma that prevents the work and conversations that need to happen.

WE HELP communities and families access important resources so they can begin their journey of healing.

I really appreciated the help last nite.I knew who to call and your talk was very inspiring for the audience. You are changing peoples lives and helping move a tired system into … Marc Roberts, Executive Director, OECYC