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Testimonials from
Some of Our Members

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the governing body at PCMH. The newsletters are an important source of knowledge and support. I have found that this journey in dealing with mental illness has often been long, arduous, and lonely. The newsletters certainly help to keep us all connected and in the "know". The information and tidbits shared through email has also been wonderful. I am very hopeful that with the new direction PCMH is taking you will be able to share your information and support particularly in communities like our (St. Thomas) where there is little support and resources available to both parents and children. I look forward to all the exciting changes and re-charged efforts your organization has planned! All you do is greatly appreciated.


St. Thomas

I just wanted to say how pleased I am at the fact that PCMH is extending it's communication to the web. The increases to the website and the monthly Web Newsletter are helping families from across the Province feel more connected and supported in their efforts to raise awareness and support their children who struggle with mental health issues. Recent events in the media have been able to be sent by email to newsletters and support groups across the Province uniting our ranks and alleviating feeling of isolation that can sometimes come hand in hand with being a parent of one of our children. We are also better able to share ideas and help each other find resources through our extended community base. Thank you to this PCMH Administration for making this possible!



What is exciting to me as a parent is the huge momentum that PCMH has developed in a very short time. Building about the bedrock of previous successes PCMH is now reaching out to more parents across the province in an inclusive and proactive way. I have been asked to be a part of a number of initiatives and meetings and I always feel my input and ideas are valued. This value for my thoughts and the new direction PCMH is heading emboldens me to not only about my impact locally, but invites me to impact Provincially. I am a PCMH member for a reason, the reason being that I have been invited and welcomed into an important cause, our children's health and our families well-being. Thank you PCMH for making this possible and for this inclusion.



I am always impressed by your organization and how you get things done.

Rod Potgeiter

Executive Director, FACS, Elgin

I really appreciated the help last nite.I knew who to call and your talk was very inspiring for the audience. You are changing peoples lives and helping move a tired system into something dynamic and supportive.BRAVO!!!Marc Roberts E.D. OECYC

Marc Roberts

Executive Director, OECYC family is coming through this with the support of PCMH and its members. I have drawn much of my strength from posts I read on this page every day.



Thanks for being there!!!



I am amazed at the people willing to share. Wish had this site when my daughter was lot younger



Thumbs up to you all, awesome job!



I thank you in so many ways for allowing me to be part of the greatness that is and with growth of PCMH......... and its professional aquiantances; for the awesomeness that is coming. I can't be more driven to this cause, and I am truly inspired by PCMH .

Member, Niagara family is coming through this with the support of PCMH and its members. I have drawn much of my strength from posts I read on this page every day. … Member, PCMH