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Parents for Children's Mental Health believe that children, youth, and their families suffering from mental health challenges deserve our extreme respect and assurance.  We are dedicated to improving the lives of these families.

For over 20 years PCMH has been improving the lives of families and the services for child and youth mental health.

WE LINK families to important networks within their communities to ensure they get the care they need and the support of families who can relate and support them.

WE UNDERSTAND the issues around child and youth mental health challenges and the stigma that prevents the work and conversations that need to happen. 

WE HELP communities and families access important resources so they can begin their journey of healing.



PCMH is the voice of families and the champions of change based on the principles of family-centred care.  In this role, it has built public awareness, spotlighted the experiences and needs of families and consistently advocated for services and supports that are built and adapted to the needs of children and youth and their families.

The work of PCMH is anchored in the principle that building a system of child and youth mental health services that "makes sense" can only occur if families play a direct, active, and prominent role in the process of change, and the design of future services and support.

PCMH plays a vital leadership role in continuing to build the capacity of families to better support their children and youth with mental health challenges.

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